“Jim McDonald is an extraordinarily talented teacher and trainer. I have participated in several of his clinics, enjoyed individual lessons, and seen him work with others. I have seen him time after time, analyze a “problem” and show both the horse and rider the solution”“Jim has been able to transform this horse from being stubborn and combative to calm, receptive and willing”“With Jim’s help and support, in just a few months, my relationship with my horse is becoming calm and trusting”

Jim McDonald Horsemanship

While there are no quick fixes when you are dealing with problems that come up with horses, it is important to know how to approach the horse in a way that he will understand. You will see what appears to be fantastic results just by changing how you communicate with your horse. Your horse will be more relaxed and more willing to do what you ask when you ask. Please contact me with questions that you may have. Change your approach and have a better relationship with your horse now!
Building Relationships with Horses on a Foundation of Trust
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