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Riding should be fun but sometimes we need a little help learning how to make it more fun filled …

I can teach you to be balanced in your saddle with good alignment and make it easier for your horse to carry you and perform the maneuvers you ask of him.

You will learn that:

      • Good riding has little to do with the style of saddle you use.
      • It is important to stay balanced on your horse and how that makes riding easier for you and your horse.
      • Being aware of your horse’s body and yours will help the two of you move more in unison with each other.
      • It is important to not use you hands for balance
      •  Being more balanced and relaxed in the saddle makes riding more fun
If you answer YES to any of the following questions I can help you. Many of these problems are easy to fix if you approach the solution in a way that makes sense to the horse. 

      • My Horse drags me all over the place;
      • My Horse won’t load into the trailer;
      • My Horse won’t cross the stream;
      • My Horse won’t stand still while I mount;
      • My Horse can’t be tied to anything; and/or
      • My Horse doesn’t listen to me. 
      • I am afraid to ride my horse outside the arena
      • I can’t get my horse’s attention.

Horsemanship Classes are taught at The Graham Equestrian Center. For more information please contact